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Miniature Donkeys breeding Francarolis

Carol has a passion for the miniature donkey. She spends most of her time coddling and bringing up her small favorites that’s why the donkeys are so cuddly and are very close to human beings. She always gives the right advice at the right time and permanently follows your small ass’s foal. Sometimes it happens that she wakes up and moves around at 2 o’clock in the morning to help a client for a dropping. This is her kind of personal after-sales service.
Her breeding is composed of American donkeys that are all registered in the stud book of the American miniature donkeys MDR ( Miniature Donkey Registry ) from 25,6 to 31,5 inches and a couple of European females from 31,5 to 35,4 inches.
The miniature donkey looks like a small donkey, this is a lovely domestic animal, very affectionate and loving as one could wish. He is ideal to come with children when they go for a walk, he will carry the picnic and maybe also the toys of the last baby born. By the way our very first jack « Loustic» (88cm) walked down the path of St Jacques of Compostelle with a baby on his back.
You can find his story in « L’enfant du chemin », (The child of the pathway in English), a movie of Jean-François Castell.

The smallest donkeys measure to 25,6 to 31,5 inchesand among them there are only a couple of donkeys measuring 68-75 cm in the world, therefore they are the exception which confirms the rule among the miniature donkeys and one’s need to be very patient and stubborn before hoping having such a donkey at home. The other miniature donkeys measuring from 31,5 to 33,5 inches are very common in France and especially in the US where a huge quantity is for sale, they are standardized and quite easy to find on the two continents.

A few ideas to keep your donkey happy :
  • Choose land with mixed but not too rich vegetation
  • Provide a shelter on dry ground in case of bad weather
  • Clean water trough
  • Suitable fencing and gates
  • Do not overfeed to avoid obesity
  • The presence of another donkey especially if there are no other animals
  • The warm presence of it's owners

Carole has been selecting for 15 years, the most beautiful and affectionate donkeys that have a great frame, a well shaped head and an unfailing strength.

Her breeding is mainly composed of donkeys coming from the US but also from all over Europe. They are selected for their capacity to reproduce very small donkeys. The smallest come from the best American breeders that have been making young champions in the smallness, without defects, without dwarfism despite their very small size and without consanguinity for several generations. In reality they are genotypically small.




Price from 2500 €
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