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Carole : 1 m 70 / 66.9 inches
The story of two donkeys
Petit-Jacques and Little Boy

It’s rather the story of a miniature donkey called Petit Jacques de Biard, whose name comes from the first breeding of miniature donkeys in France belonging to Claude and Nicole Hamelin, the Mill of Biard, in Saint-Mars-La-Brière.
Petit-Jacques, from American origin is 15 years old and measures 28 inches to the withers. He is registered in the American miniature donkey’s book as well as in the official French register of the national association of the miniature and small size donkeys (in French ANAPT).

He is the older of the smallest miniature donkey record in the Guiness book of 1999. This gorgeous small miniature donkey who gave us beautiful ass’s foals is today retired, he is replaced by Little Boy, pure American jack born in 2000, the great age to reproduce miniature donkeys with a livestock composed of American and European jennets from 25.6 to 33.5 inches coming from everywhere in order to avoid the risk of consanguinity that guarantee smallness and rareness. 

Little boy will be supported by Trésor, pure American root sire and has also a great pedigree like him over several generations. His parents measure 27.2 inches and 28.7 inches which is exceptional.

Result of this strict selection: all those small donkeys are sweet little loves that fill us with joy every day.

A donkey and love

Little-Boy has now become our first miniature jack. He was born the 15th Of May in the United States of America and comes from one of the most famous American breedings, he was Reserve Junior Champion in 2002.

His name Little Boy comes from a beautiful love story, a story of an encounter and a marriage of an American soldier who liberated France with a very pretty French lady who settled in the United States of America with her lover.

At birth, Little Boy measured only 16.9 inches, she cried out “We’ll call him Little Boy“





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