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Asinerie Francarolis
Carole De Koster
65230 Sariac Magnoac
Tel. 06 75 85 44 21
Siren : 493 947 329 000 14
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Carole…her passion is her donkeys
Where there is nothing but joy in the meadows!!!

The smallest jennets of Europe

A miniature donkey can change your life for ever.

When you meet Carole for the first time you understand immediately that her love for miniature donkeys has no end and that they make children and also adults happy.

They are breeded in open air, in the Piémont of the Pyrénées, a wonderful tourist area at an altitude of 330 m between Auch, the city of D’Artagnan, and Lourdes, in that idyllic context, peaceful, full of green pasture land with a hard climate in Winter and hot in Summer, they gain a great conformation, a good shaped head and a unfailing robustness.

The miniature donkey is only gentleness and kindness.What a dream to take care of this little wonder at each moment of your life. Thanks to this pet we get rid of the stress as if by magic. The miniature donkey has all the qualities to charm you. He needs a lot of love but the feeling is mutual. In one word it’s only happiness.

Some people named them “ dwarf donkeys “ just to show their small size but don’t worry because pathological equine dwarfism doesn’t exist and some called them also miniature donkeys or American miniature donkeys what isn’t exactly the truth because they come from Europe and from the South of Italy. They were exported in large quantities to the United States in 1900. Today they are imported in Europe with the wrong nickname of US miniature donkeys. They are well donkeys from Europe and they were already tiny at that time.
This miniature donkey that American people called “Mediterranerian donkey “ are very few in Italy, that’s the reason why we must repatriate them and that’s what we have been making with success for some years. It’s incredible their way of adaptability in their new environment.
We have already had some babies from the imported jennets and we are very astonished by their beauty, kindness and so much love.

Why they are so tiny? It’s only a question of genetics. The scientific named that “ genotype-phenotype “. They are tiny during generations and generations. They are very healthy, sturdy, well-built, very clever and they live as long as the bigger donkeys. A foal donkey likes to play, is mischievous, he will be the best companion for children and all the family.

Carole speaks English


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